Moroccan Recipes from The View from Fez

The View from Fez team are frequently asked for Moroccan recipes. So, please, before you send an email, check out the list of Moroccan recipes we have collected over the years. And yes... we have cooked for Rick Stein and we will eventually publish a book, inshallah.

Rick Stein learns how to make chermoula from The View from Fez team!
The links below are to stories that contain a recipe.

Argan oil recipes
Fresh Basil Pesto with a Moroccan Twist
Moroccan Spiced Coffee
The Great Moroccan Spice Mix - Ras El Hanout
Msemen - Moroccan square pancakes
Moroccan Recipes for Eid Al Kabir
Moroccan Almond Milk Recipes 
Recipe for Moroccan Swordfish
Moroccan starters
Moroccan starter recipe: purslane
Moroccan lamb couscous recipe
How to make B'stilla (photo essay).

Orange and Cinnamon salad
Moroccan couscous - the traditional way
Moroccan bread recipes
Moroccan kefta tagine
Slow-cooked Tanjia
Preserved Lemon Recipe - Moroccan Preserved Lemon.
Lamb Shanks with Dates and Olives
Fish tagine with preserved lemon and Chermoula

Laymun bel-Qerfa (Orange and Cinnamon Salad)
Lamb, Prune, and Date Tagine
Lamb, Artichoke and Broad Bean Tagine
Chicken Salad with Almonds, Mango and Argan Oil
M'qalli chicken with olives and preserved lemon
Roast Turkey Moroccan Style
Video demonstration of Chicken Tagine
Dorade (fish) dipped in nutty couscous, with tomato and mint salad
Harira - Moroccan soup
Making perfect Moroccan mint tea (Photo essay)
Moroccan Mint Tea #2
Stuffed leg of lamb - Moroccan style

Berber bread with argan oil and honey

Making bread the Berber way
Prickly Pear Health Water 
Sellou - a Moroccan Ramadan sweet recipe.
Moroccan Goat Tagine
Moroccan mechoui 

Moroccan Almond Milk