2010 Fez World Sacred Music Festival

The provisional programme for next year's Fes Festival of World Sacred Music has been announced.

The festival runs from 4-12 June in Fez medina, and promises some interesting innovations such as morning ragas at the Batha Museum and a night in the medina, when artists will perform in various locations, including the Bouanania Medersa and Riad Sheherazade.

The 16th annual

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music
4-12 June 2010

Provisional Programme

Theme: In Search of the Sacred Other

Friday 4 June

Bab Makina 20h30

Royal Ballet of Cambodia (Cambodia) The Legend of the Creation of the Khmer Kingdom

Saturday 5 June

Batha Museum 16h00

The Young Gotipuras Dancers (India) Ritual acrobatic dance from the temples of Orissa

Bab Makina 20h30

Ben Harper (USA) The roots of popular American music, from gospel to blues, from reggae to folk


Al Green (USA) Gospel (to be confirmed)

Sunday 6 June

Batha Museum 16h30

Shakila Saidi & the Rajab Suleiman Trio (Tanzania) The art of taraab in Swahili tradition

Bab Makina 20h30

Africa Spirit: The Sufi Ensemble Mtendeni Maulid (Zanzibar) and Les Maîtres Tambours (Burundi) Sufi ritual and sacred rhythm

Monday 7 June

Batha Museum 16h30

Ahmed Essyad and the Accroche Note Ensemble (Morocco) Forbidden Voices: mystical poems of Hussain Mansour Al-Hallaj

A Night in the Medina 20h30

Various locations including the Bouanania Medersa, Riad Sheherazade, Dar Jnan Sbil, Dar Adiyel Conservatoire and Dar Ba Mohamed Chergui:

The Constantinople Ensemble and Barbara Furtuna (Iran & France) Canti di a Terra

Parvathy Baul (India) The poetry of God's fools

Poets and musicians from Kabul (Afghanistan) (in partnership with the Aga Khan Initiative)

Epi (Mongolia) Songs of the Steppe Nomads

Gülay Haçer Toruk (Turkey) Songs of Anatolia

Raïs Qenawi Bakhit Qenawi and the Mizmar Ensemble (Egypt) Songs of Luxor

Tuesday 8 June

Batha Museum 16h30

SamulNori Hanullim Ensemble (South Korea) Percussion and Sacred Dance of Korea

Bab Makina 20h30

Shahram Nazeri (Iran) with Mohamed Bajeddoud (Morocco) and the Arabo-Andalusian Orchestra of Fez The poetry of Jalâl ud Dîn Rûmî

Wednesday 9 June

Batha Museum 16h30

Camille (France) Sacred songs

Bab Makina 20h30

Jordi Savall and the Hesperion XXI Ensemble (Spain) with guests from Morocco, Iraq, Greece, Israel, Galilee and Armenia Jerusalem, City of Heavenly Peace and Earthly Peace

Thursday 10 June

Batha Museum 08h00

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (India) Morning ragas on a bansuri flute

Batha Museum 16h30

Bagdad-Jerusalem Ensemble (Israel & Iraq) Music of the Jewish tradition of Baghdad

Bab Makina 20h30

Sizero Tabla Experience (India & United Kingdom) Rhythmic India

Friday 11 June

Batha Museum 16h30

Dhafer Youssef and his Ensemble (Tunisia) Sufi Songs revisited

Bab Makina 20h30

Sabah Fakri and the Aleppo Singers (Syria)

Saturday 12 June

Batha Museum 16h30

David Murray and the Gwo Ka Masters invite Archie Shepp (USA & Caribbean)

Bab Makina 20h30

Gospel Voices:

1st part: Sista Kee (USA)

2nd part: The Blind Boys of Alabama (USA)

FEZ MEETINGS (formerly known as Fez Encounters Colloquium)



to be announced

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