Moroccan design - a trend for 2007?

Recently we paid tribute to My Marrakesh for it wonderful coverage of Moroccan design and a superb shopping guide. Now, if you think that Moroccan design is suited only to Morocco, think again. It is not only wonderful almost anywhere - it is now very much in demand. If we had any doubts about that, they vanished when we came upon the website of design consultant Holly Becker who hails from Boston in the USA.

Her Design 8 tribute to Morocco featured some wonderful photographs and a generous link to both The View from Morocco and My Marrakesh (Thanks Holly). The excerpt here is followed by a link to her site:

Trends 2007: Mad About Morocco!

I'm hearing lots of buzz about the Moroccan look, derived from Hispanic-Moorish style influences, bursting with warmth and energy. Before Canadian House + Home spotted the Modern Moor as a hot trend for '07, I was already seeing it popping up here in the states and last year, over in Germany, too. H+H says that the Modern Moor look avoids "busy" ethnic interiors by "modernizing the classic motifs and stripping them down to their pure and graphic essence."

Seems culturally inspired decor is popular everywhere you look, Moroccan being one of my favorites because it's not only welcoming, warm, and somewhat inexpensive, but it's easy to pull together and adds lots of personality to a space. You don't have to go over the top with it either. A throw rug, some toss pillows, a bright yellow lamp, an accent wall, and that's all you need to pull together a rockin' little casbah of your very own.

You will find Decor 8 here.