Chic shopper's guide to Marrakech.

Once again we are in debt to the wonderful My Marrakesh blog for a look at the upmarket shopping possibilities in the sinful city of Marrakech.

But the shopping....Well, that's another category altogether. Now that is a serious matter.

So with that in mind, I am going to give you a short shopping round-up (Part 1). Because a girl (or a guy) can't help but spend...


First off, the souks in the old city or the medina. If only you can imagine this maze of serpentine streets. Close your eyes and see before you a labyrinth filled to overflowing with pottery, slippers, poufs, spices, lanterns, paintings, baskets, carpets, bags, jewelery...more....and more....Does it ever stop? I am not sure; I always give up before the end, so laden down with purchases am I. Where is that mule when I need him?

The prices in the souks are negotiable at most of the stores, with just a few exceptions. So remember to bargain, haggle, wheedle, plead, walk away and then come back again. Your first price should be about 1/3 to 1/2 of the asking price. Then you negotiate upwards a little.

I might just mention a few shops by name...

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