Fine dining in Fez

There are several high class restaurants in Fez with correspondingly high prices. Others boast good food but the decor is so "Arabian Nights" that it feels like you are dining in a museum or movie set. Thankfully, The View from Fez can now suggest a new place to eat that combines great ambiance with reasonably priced delicious food. The restaurant is Dar Anebar and it is certainly worth a visit

Photo credit: Suzanna Clarke

Finding Dar Anebar is easy, which is a big plus in the Medina. Located in Derb Miter, off Zenjefour, the guest house and restaurant is only five minutes walk from the Palais Jamai hotel.

The entrance to the restaurant is a striking dark tadelakt hallway that opens onto a spacious courtyard, complete with fountain, obligatory rose petals and fine zellij tile work. The salons off to each side of the courtyard offer intimate dining while the courtyard itself is delightfully restrained. No crowding of tables to maximise profits, but rather very few discrete tables creating an atmosphere both intimate and spacious. The decor is vivid and interesting without being garish. There is suitable background music, but at a sensibly low level so that conversation is possible.

The service was friendly, helpful and discrete - and the wine list interesting. The first course of Moroccan salads were of better than usual quality and an interesting variety. The diners I was with were seasoned Fez foodies and so held back on the salads, knowing that the main course was still to come. It should also be mentioned that the food arrived after a suitable pause and without the long wait that often occurs in restaurants around the world.

Photo credit: Suzanna Clarke

The only problem with the main course was that all of us decided on the same dish, so I can't report on the chicken with preserved lemon and olives, the couscous with vegetables, the Bastilla (with fresh pigeon) or the lamb with prunes. Our entire table heard that lamb with figs and almonds was on offer and were rewarded for their choice by a serving of the most tender lean lamb - and it did taste like lamb, rather than mutton. The figs and almonds were a perfect accompaniment.

The final course was a traditional sweet bastilla with nuts and milk custard - simply delicious. Coffee followed and when we eventually strolled out into the mild night air it was with the satisfaction of having had a very good meal in elegant and peaceful surroundings.

For a look at their fine accommodation: Dar Anebar

Contact details:
Phone for reservation 035635785
Email: info@daranebar

If you have any doubts about finding your way there, the very amiable owner, Ahmed Azami will usually arrange for someone to guide you.